Don’t Overlook the Details! (update)

Sometimes it’s embarassing when you overlook a detail that you know you should have caught.  Could be a little thing or a big thing.  Sometimes, a little thing that is a big thing.

My wife and I enjoy watching the Celebrity Apprentice.  Last Sunday’s episode required the two competing teams to create a marketing presentation for Melania Trump’s skin care products.  Team Power, made up of Lil Jon, Brande Roderick, Trace Adkins, and Dennis Rodman, had what seemed to be the best marketing campaign, and Melania Trump seemed to be leaning toward theirs to be the winning presentation.  That is, until she noticed an unforgivable error.  The team’s marketing materials had her name spelled Milania – with an “i” instead of “e”!  Really, it was the double-whammy for them.  Not only did they spell the brand name wrong, but the brand name – “Melania” – was the “boss’s” wife, Mrs. Donald Trump!

When we write into job descriptions that the person must have the ability to pay close attention to detail, this is why.  You have to be able to catch those little things that are, or can become, very big things.



The day after posting this, I received a copy of an employee’s review.  On the review, the employee’s immediate supervisor mis-spelled the employee’s last name!  That is insulting to the employee.  That is a detail that must be checked before the review is completed and presented to the employee.  Such a mistake damages your credibility as a supervisor if you want to talk to the employee about things such as. . .attention to detail.


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