Does This Make Me Look Good? The Problems with People-Pleasing


People pleasing.  Most of us have been guilty of this at some point in our lives.  Humans desire to be liked, and to achieve that sometimes we feel like we have to give people what they want; to please them so they’ll like us in return.

If you take that approach in managing people, you are setting yourself up for failure.  In his blog, Ron Edmondson discusses seven problems that result when a manager worries about doing things to please people.  Take a few minutes to read it.

Consider this in addition his list of seven:  if you are concerned about pleasing people, including those that you supervise, aren’t you relinquishing your authority?  If the decisions you make are aimed at doing what you think others want, then those aren’t your decisions.  They are the decisions of the people you are trying to please.

When you signed on to the job of manager, you knew it wouldn’t always be easy.  But ask yourself this:  “do I want to please the people I’m supposed to manage, or do I want to please my manager to whom I am accountable?”  Which one is most likely to help your career?


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