Our Problem Employee

It’s been brought to my attention by a number of employees that we have a problem employee somewhere in our midst. This particular employee has an unusual name: They. Yes, that is the name. I know, you hear it all the time, and probably didn’t realize it was someone’s name, right?images

It seems that They have been doing a number of things that are beyond the scope of their job. For example,

  • They told an employee and his spouse incorrect information regarding benefits enrollment.
  • They told another employee that he didn’t have to use FMLA for an FMLA-qualifying illness.
  • They told yet another employee that punching out and in for lunch wasn’t necessary.
  • And to add to the list They told a fellow supervisor that it was okay to ask potential employees about their religious beliefs during the interview process.

Seems like They know a lot about everything…well, at least in their mind they do. And it is causing problems for everyone else because of the bad counsel they give to others.

As the HR Director, I would suggest that the supervisor step in and deal with this know-it-all problem employee who is causing such confusion. Problem is I can’t seem to find where this employee is, let alone who s/he reports to. I can’t even find him (or her) in our system. Maybe there was a recent name change that has not been communicated to HR? I don’t know. It’s quite the conundrum.

All I know right now is we have a problem employee, and many folks have realized it and brought it to our attention. Just that no one seems to be able to positively tell us who They are.



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